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Get a Taste of Ebanos Crossing- Opening late July 2013

Attention all foodies living or visiting downtown Los Angeles, get ready for the opening of a unique and hip restaurant and lounge, the Ebanos Crossing.  This restaurant will replace what was formerly the location of Pho Citi restaurant.  Unlike many of the restaurants in LA, Ebanos Crossing offers a one of kind dining experience that takes diners back into the Prohibition era.  The ambience, décor, and food at Ebanos Crossings is inspired by the Jazz Age of the roaring 1920s and 30s.  The significance of the name is taken from the Los Ebanos Ford which is the “floating bridge” that connects Texas to Mexico.  During the Prohibition era, this bridge provided a way for smugglers from Mexico to journey into the U.S. border carrying outlawed spirits namely tequila, whiskey and rum. Inspired by this period of time, Urban America and Luminosity Entertainment partnered together to establish a restaurant that would highlight the flavors, food and spirits smuggled along this South-central Texas crossing.  This inspiration came to life with the Ebanos Crossing.  Currently the restaurant is still under construction but is expected to open late this month.  Check Facebook for the opening date.

ebanos crossing

To bring some spice and flavor into the cocktails, the award-winning mixologist Philip Ward of Mayahuel, will be creating a great blend of savory drinks that will be included in the menu.  Unique blends will be added to these main specialty drinks: tequila, rum, whiskey, and mezcal.  If you’re looking to have a few drinks with friends, then enjoy a “Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal” or a “Laird’s 12-Yeard Old Apple Brandy” at the lounge area.   If you’re craving for some southwestern flavors with a peppery, spicy, and fiery taste then indulge in the great selection of dishes from these three different entrée groups: El Norte, El Sur, and Ebanos Crossing.  Each group highlights different flavors depending on your taste and preference.  Some of the most delicious entrees on the menu include a bacon-wrapped grilled shrimp and mango skewers, chorizo-wrapped mac and cheese cubes, bourbon and black cherry short ribs, and Jerk chicken wings with rum reduction sauce.   The dishes are reasonably priced with the most expensive entrée at $22.  Drinks will cost you between $12-14 but during happy hour, you can enjoy discounted drinks.

The restaurant’s décor is inviting and lively with a modern southwestern atmosphere.  The lounge is uniquely designed with custom made tables and comfortable seating arrangements which invites those interested in having a late night drink or bite to eat.  For a much more intimate setting, then spend time at our private bar area which would an ideal spot for hosting a party.  Ebanos Crossing is located near the downtown Los Angeles hotel, Kawada Hotel at 200 South Hill St. Los Angeles, CA.  For more information visit http://www.ebanoscrossing.com/index.html.

*Photo courtesy of Facebook