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Celebrate Day of the Dead in Hollywood

Dia de Los Muertos – Day of the Dead – is celebrated at Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Saturday, November 2nd this year between midday and midnight. Join celebrants from Los Angeles hotels in downtown for this unique event as people from all walks of life come together to recognize their ancestors and honor the deceased. 2013 is the 14th annual Dia de Los Meurtos event held at the Hollywood Forever cemetery.

Guests are encouraged to come dressed in appropriate festival costume, bringing their best Calaca outfits to participate in the celebrations. A colourful traditional procession will make its way between the homes of Hollywood’s Immortals, combining the traditional elements of Aztec blessings with more modern regional dedications by local music and dance groups. Over one hundred Aztec Ritual Dancers will be performing in full costume in the new Dance Plaza area, where both historic and contemporary dances will be on show. Moreover, hundreds of altars are created by members of the community to commemorate their loved ones, with the annual altar competition offering prizes in three categories. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art will be hosting a children’s craft and art project area, where the children can really get involved in the festival, and there will also be a large Art Exhibition in the Central Mausoleum.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery is committed to creating an atmosphere that is as authentic as possible, providing a venue in which to celebrate the time-honored tradition in a genuine way. Since its creation, the event has become a platform for creativity as a means of remembering those who have died and offers a connection to ancestry and the cycle of life and death. The altars and shrines created for this purpose are simply dazzling, becoming a tangible link between the historic customs and modern remembrance. Hollywood Forever is the only cemetery in the area which welcomes visitors to celebrate El Dia de Las Muertos, looking to create the ideal balance of the ancient, festival traditions with modern eclectic observances of death.

(Photo courtesy of Flickr)