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Best Dining Experiences in Downtown Los Angeles

When looking for somewhere to eat in the downtown neighborhood, five places immediately stand out above the competition. Firstly, Ebanos Crossing is a unique environment to enjoy something not commonly found elsewhere: the atmosphere, secrecy and ‘sexiness’ of a 1920s and 1930s speakeasy. Born in era when prohibition led people to look for their spirits in hidden venues, Ebanos Crossing recreates that glamour and mystery with a variety of artisanal cocktails in its comfortable lounge environment. A menu of vibrant high class cuisine complements this perfectly, creating a very special place to eat.

The Cherry Pick Café, on Hill Street, is totally different. A bright, light and above all else fresh menu of local produce is a staple of lunch orders around the area, where the team will even make your sandwich in advance and have it ready to collect when you arrive. Sandwiches, salads, pastries and soups in hundreds of variations are made to order using fresh produce at incredible prices. This cafe is an excellent choice when looking for dining in downtown Los Angeles!

For those who favor the Indian cuisine and its warm, fresh spices, the place to be is Badmaash. Epitomizing the best of Indian flavors within the downtown LA atmosphere, Badmaash has built itself a reputation for excellence which is hard to beat. Local organic ingredients are combined by their expert chef, whose 40 years of experience stand him in good stead for creating his unique dishes.

In a different palette of flavors, Pitfire Pizza Company has just won the 2013 award for Independent Pizzeria of the Year. Their downtown location is one of seven locations, each serving proper Italian style pizza and pasta to their loyal fans and regulars. With competitive pricing and flavors which have to be experienced to be believed, Pitfire Pizza Company has built themselves a strong following in LA – where their product truly does live up to the hype.

Lastly, Perch offers a very special French rooftop bistro experience with stunning views out over the Downtown LA area which makes visitors feel as though they are ‘perched’ above the city. Outdoor fireplaces, firepits, booth areas and lounge seating both inside and outside the restaurant create a very unique ambience for dining and drinking. An upscale venue, the atmosphere remains unpretentious, with its menu of seasonal French inspired classic dishes designed to be shared.

(Photo courtesy of Cherry Pick Café)