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Ebanos Crossing is a Revelry of Sexiness and Culture – www.ebanoscrossing.com

Forged during the roaring 1920′s & 30′s and birthed from the need for secrecy, the demand for forbidden spirits and the journey undertaken as a result. An Ebanos Crossing experience offers the enticement of the past, in the comfort of a lounge. Within our walls you will enjoy an award winning artisanal cocktail program coupled with delectable, vibrant cuisine, where the cultures of the journey are reflected all around you.

Ebanos Crossing pays homage to the journey these once forbidden spirits and flavors were forced to undertake in order to bring you, our guest, the ultimate cocktail dining experience.

Ebanos Crossing is comprised of two hospitality groups; Urban America LLC and Luminosity Entertainment, both who believe superior customer service is the cornerstone of any successful operation, who combined, have over 30 years experience in the hospitality/entertainment industry.

Cherry Pick Cafe – www.cherrypickcafe.com

The Cherry Pick Café creates the most mouth watering and fresh tasting sandwiches possible. With the pace of a fast food joint but the quality of a five star restaurant, we prepare all sorts of healthy and delicious sandwiches and salads to feed a big appetite. Our wide variety of sandwiches, salads, soups, drinks, pastries and cakes won’t let you leave feeling dissatisfied.